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In order to run nopCommerce, you will need the following installed on your server/computer:


 Supported operation systems:

    • Windows 7 or above
    • Windows Server 2008 or above

Supported web servers:

    • Internet Information Service (IIS) 7.0 or above
    • For nopCommerce 4.00 or above. Install .NET Core Window Server hosting runtime (download)
    • For nopCommerce 3.90 or below. ASP.NET 4.5 (MVC 5.0) and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or above

Supported databases:

    • MS SQL Server 2008 or above
    • MS SQL Server Compact 4.0 or above

Supported browsers

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above (IE6 and IE7 were supported in versions prior 3.60)
    • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above
    • Google Chrome 1.x
    • Apple Safari 2.x

MS Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.3 or above). And don't forget to install .NET Core SDK (download). Required for developers who want to edit source code.

(warning) Note: If you're going to use the multi-store feature with SSL, then Windows Server 2012 with IIS 8 is required because SNI (Server Name Indication) support.

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