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Redirection Notice

Enabling recurring payment processing offers benefits to both merchants and consumers. By enabling customers to use the recurring shipment option, they can rely on an automatic renewal of consumable merchandise or subscription services. Merchants can increase customer satisfaction by offering the convenience of automatic delivery, without the need for customers to place additional orders. In this way, merchants can also take advantage of a guaranteed steady source of revenue with subscription and recurring payments.

nopCommerce enables you to create recurring products using the Recurring product checkbox in Adding Products.

However, not all payment methods support recurring products. Currently, only the Authorize.NET, manual credit card and PayPal Direct support it.

To view recurring payments:

  1. From the Sales menu, select Recurring Payments. The Recurring Payments window is displayed. 

  2. Click Edit beside the required recurring payment to view. The Recurring Payment Details window is displayed showing the Recurring Payment Info tab, as follows: 

  3. View and edit (if required) the details of the recurring payment.
  4. Select the History tab, as follows:


    By default, only one initial payment exists in this window. The number of total payment that will occur in total is the number of Total Cycles that was set in the relevant Recurring Product fields, in Adding Products.

  5. (Optional) You can click the Process next payment (create an order) to process the next payment and place a new order.

    Note: The Payment type field displayed in the Recurring payment details tab on the previous page can be set to Manual or Automatic

    When it set to Manual, the store owner has to manually click this Process next payment (create an order) button to process the new payment, when the Payment type field it is set to Automatic new payments will be processed automatically.

  6. You can click the Cancel payment button at any time to cancel the payment.
    To view the recurring payments in the public store go to My account > Customer Order tab and view the Recurring payments table at the top, as follows:


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