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Redirection Notice

This section describes how to add and integrate the Nivo Slider widget plugin. This plugin allows you to display a slider on the home page of your store.

To configure the Nivo Slider widget plugin:

  1. From the Content Management menu, select Widgets. The Widgets window is displayed. 
  2. Besides the Nivo Slider plugin, click Edit. The window is expanded, as follows: 
  3. Select the Is active checkbox, to enable the Nivo Slider plugin.
  4. Click Configure. The Configure – Nivo Slider window is displayed, as follows 
  5. Perform the following for each slider you would like to upload:
    • In the Picture field, click Upload a file to upload the required picture. Click Remove picture to remove the existing one.
    • In the Comment field, enter a comment for the picture or leave empty to display no text.
    • In the URL field, enter the required URL or leave empty if you do not want the picture to be clickable.
  6. Click the Save button below and the Nivo Slider will be integrated in your store.

Note: After a widget has been added, you can click Edit in the Widgets window, beside the required widget to display the Edit Widget Details window and then edit the widget details, as described above.

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