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Redirection Notice

In nopCommerce, your store can have several languages installed. However, the customers will only see the data that has been defined in their selected language. After adding a new language, the Import resources from XML button appears enabling you to import all resources for new language. After adding a new language, the Export to XML button appears enabling you to export all resources.

Note: You can download new language packs on from the Extensions section

To add a new language:

  1. From the Configuration menu, select Languages. The Languages window is displayed: 

  2. Click Add new. The Add A New Language window is displayed.

  3. Define the language settings, as follows:
    • In the Name field, enter the language name.
    • From the Language culture dropdown list, select the language specific culture code. 
    • In the Unique SEO code field, enter the unique two letter SEO code. This code used to generate URLs such as: when you have more than one published language.
    Note: You should also enable the SEO friendly URLs with multiple languages option by selecting Configuration > Settings > General And Miscellaneous Settings and then select the Localization settings tab
    • In the Flag image file name field, enter the flag image file name. The image should be saved under the …/images/flags directory.
    • Select the Right-to-left checkbox, to enable right to left support for this language, where writing starts from the right of the page, and continues to the left (for example, Arabic, Hebrew, etc). The active theme should support RTL (have the appropriate CSS style file). This option affects the public store only.
    • From the Default currency field,  select the default currency for the language. If this is not selected, the default currency display order will be used.     
    • Select the Published checkbox, to enable this language to be visible and selected by visitors in your store.
    • In the Display order field, enter the display order of this language. A value of 1 represents the top of the list.
  4. To limit languages to stores select the Limited to Stores box and choose from a list of pre-created stores, as follows:

    Note: This checkbox is used only when you have several stores configured.

  5. Click Save.
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