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In order to use USPS shipping methods, you must first go to to receive a user ID that is required to test and integrate USPS Web Tools APIs. With this ID, you may begin sending calls to a test server.

To define the USPS Real Time Shipping Calculations:

  1. Receive a user ID by creating a USPS account at 

  2. Depending on the API, go to one of the test servers, as follows:


3. Using the ID provided, send calls to the test server.

 4. After completing your testing, email the USPS Internet Customer Care Center (ICCC).They will switch your profile to allow you access to the production server and will provide you with the production URLs (

 5. In nopCommerce admin area go to Configuration → Shipping → Shipping Providers. The Shipping rate computation methods (providers) window is displayed:

 Shipping Providers


6. Enable this method, as follows:

    • In the USPS (US Postal Service) row, click the Edit button

    • In the Is active column, check the checkmark

    • Click Update. The false option becomes true.

    7. Click Configure beside the USPS (US Postal Service) option in the list. The Configure – USPS (US Postal Service) window is displayed:

8. Enter the following information obtained from the USPS provider:

  • URL of the USPS provider
  • Username obtained from the provider
  • Password obtained from the provider
  • Enter Additional handling charge -  an additional fee to charge your customers
  • In the Domestic Carrier Services area select the required domestic carrier services that you want to offer to your customers
  • In the International Carrier Services area select the international carrier services that you want to offer to your customers

9. Click Save.

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