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To access your account at UPS use a username, a password, and an XML license number, which you will be provided with after the registration process.

To define the UPS Real Time Shipping Calculations:

  1. Create a UPS account by going to receive the following:

    • Username ID

    • Password

    • XML access license number

2.In nopCommerce admin area go to Configuration → Shipping → Shipping Providers.


Shipping Providers

3. Enable this method, as follows:

  • In the UPS (United Postal Service) row, click the Edit button.

  • In the Is active column, check the checkmark.

  • Click Update. The false option becomes true.

4. Click Configure beside the UPS (United Parcel Service) option in the list. The Configure – UPS (United Parcel Service) window is displayed, as follows:


Configure - UPS

5. Enter the following information obtained from the UPS provider:

    • URL of the UPS provider

    • Access Key obtained from the provider

    • Username obtained from the provider

    • Password obtained from the provider

    • Select your required UPS Customer Classification, as follows:

      • Retail

      • Wholesale

      • Occasional

    • Select the required UPS Pickup Type, as follows:

      • Daily Pickup

      • Customer Counter

      • One Time Pickup

      • On Call Air

      • Suggested Retails Rates

      • Letter Center

      • Air Service Center

    • Select the required UPS Packaging Type, as follows:

      • Customer Supplied Package

      • Letter

      • Tube

      • P A K

      • Express Box

      • 10 kg Box

      • 25 kg Box

    • Tick the Insure package checkbox, to indicate the package will be insured

    • Enter Additional handling charge -  an additional fee to charge your customers

    • Select the Carrier Services you want to offer to your customers

    • Select the Packing type, as follows:

      • Pack by dimensions

      • Pack by one item per package

      • Pack by volume

    • Tick the Pass dimensions checkbox, to pass package dimension when requesting for rates.

    • Tick the Tracing checkbox, to record system tracing in the system log. The entire request and response XML will be logged (including AccessKey/Username, Password). Do not leave this enabled in a production environment. 

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