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Google Shopping is a Google service which allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors.

You can increase traffic to your store using Google Shopping, which helps shoppers find and buy products across the web. As a seller, you can submit your products to Google Shopping, allowing shoppers to quickly and easily find your site.  This service enables you to promote your products and services and get more visibility.

nopCommerce supports exporting products to the Google Shopping XML format.


Generating Google Shopping feed

To use Google Shopping functionality go to Configuration →  Plugins and click Search by Group choosing Promotional feeds.

Google Shopping Plugin

Then click configure and define following details:

Configure - Google Shopping

  • Select the default image size
  • Tick Pass shipping info checkbox if you want it to be included in generated XML file
  • Tick Prices consider promotions checkbox if you want promotions (like tier prices and discounts) to be calculated with prices
  • Select the default Currency that will be used for generating the feed
  • Select the default Google category from dropdown list


Click the Generate feed button


Click on the Generated file path (static) link to download generated product feed

Upload your product data to Google and make it available to Google Shopping and other Google service


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