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If you are a novice in nopCommerce, follow the steps below to set your store up and running:


  1. Configure your store


2. Create a catalog and add products

A catalog is what your customers constantly deal with. That is why it is crucial to make it easy to browse and find needed products.

    • Create categories and manufacturers

Categories and manufacturers  will be used in your catalog for product filtering. Learn how to deal with them and make the site navigation easier.

    •  Add products

You can add products manually one by one or import your catalog from an xml file. 

    •  Define product variations

What if your products are variable, for example, you sell sneakers in different colors and sizes? In nopCommerce you can set up specification and product attributes to manage this.



3. Improve customer experience in your store

Now when your catalog is filled with products, ensure that your customers are able to get all the needed support on their journey to a purchase. 

Product reviews

Personal buying experience counts. It makes people trust you as a seller more. Learn how to make product reviews available for your online store and manage them here.

Livechat support

Often your customers need to ask a question right here and right now. Livechat option can be a good way to help them. Find chat plugins in nopCommerce marketplace.



A wishlist is a good option for deferred purchasing. Let your customers add some products to wishlist to buy them later or to share with friends. It is also a good option for you to analyze your customers behavior.



4. Marketing & promotional tools

Marketing your store is essential to gain your customers loyalty and raise awareness among potential customers. There are many marketing options in nopCommerce: you can offer special prices, advice products depending on shopping behaviour, promote your store through email campaigns and much more.

Discounts and special prices

Applying special prices to products can encourage your customers to make a purchase sooner, and (or) to buy more items.

Loyalty program

The Reward Points functionality in nopCommerce allows customers to earn points for certain actions (registration, making purchases). Find out how to implement loyalty program here.


In nopCommerce, you can offer your customers additional products they may like based on their shopping behavior. It is also a good opportunity for you to up-sell some products.

Email campaigns

Create email campaigns to easily and quickly reach your target audience with special offers, news, educational content, and so on. 

5. nopCommerce special features for stores of any kind

Whether you want to give a shot to a small project or you are to start a marketplace, you can rely on nopCommerce. There are many options to fulfil your business requirements:


nopCommerce enables you to run more than one store using one interface from a single nopCommerce installation and manage all admin operations from a single panel. Learn here how to set up several stores.


Multi-vendor and drop shipping tools enable you to sell online without having to keep stocks or ship orders. Watch the video tutorial on multi-vendor support.

*If you have some issues on configuring your store catalog, don’t hesitate to place questions on community forums or request premium support services.
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