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To start using FedEx Shipment method, first, register a FedEx account at You will then be provided with a FedEx meter which will enable you to start tuning Web Tools.

To define the FedEx Real Time Shipping Calculations:

  1. Sign up at the FedEx Developer Resource Center request a developer test key.

  2. Fill out the required form, the following credentials will be mailed to you:

    • test Key

    • test Account

    • test Meter Number

    • test Password

  3. After testing, click here to apply for a production key

    • In the Intend to resell software option, click No.

    • Select the FedEx Web Services for Shipping option.

    • Select the Corporate Developer to enable you to self-certify.

  4. in nopCommerce admin area go to Configuration → Shipping → Shipping Providers

    • In the FedEx row, click the Edit button.

    • In the Is active column, check the checkmark.

    • Click Update. The false option becomes true.

    Shipping Providers


  5. Enable this method, as follows:

    Click Configure beside the FedEx option in the list. The Configuration window is displayed, as follows:


    Configure - FedEx

    6. Enter the following information obtained from the FedEx provider:

    • Your FedEx URL

    • Your FedEx Key

    • Your FedEx password

    • Your FedEx account number

    • Your FedEx meter number

    • Preferred Dropoff type as:

      • Business Service Center

      • Drop Box

      • Regular Pickup

      • Request Courier

      • Station

    • Tick Use residential rates if applicable

    • Tick Use discounted rates (instead of List rates) to use discounted FedEx rates

    • Enter Additional handling charge -  an additional fee to charge your customers

    • In the Carrier Services Offered area select the required carrier services you want to offer to your customers

    • Choose Packing type from the drop down list:

      • Pack by dimensions

      • Pack by one item per package

      • Pack by volume

      • Tick Pass dimensions if you want to pass package dimensions when requesting FedEx rates.


(warning) Note: Use your own FedEx account information provided to you by email. When moving to production, make sure you enter the address that is used for your FedEx account, otherwise, you will be unable to get a production key. Contact FedEx to resolve account


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